Automated system to measure the involvement of learners and engagement


This app uses ASMIL system to analyze your emotions as you watch a YouTube video. Before starting this app, please make sure that your face is centered in the screen and the room lighting is adequate. If you need to know more about ASMIL Click here

Engagement:,  Engagement2:,  Brow Furrow:,  Brow Raise:,  Cheek Raise:,  Chin Raise:,  Dimpler:,  Eye Closure:,  Eye Widen:,  Inner Brow Raise:,  Jaw Drop:,  Lip Tighten:,  Lip Corner Depressor:,  Lip Press:,  Lip Pucker:,  Lip Stretch:,  Lip Suck:,  Mouth Open:,  Nose Wrinkle:,  Smile:,  Smirk:,  Upper Lip Raise: